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Have You Been Fired For Unlawful Reasons In California?

Losing your job can be a traumatic and distressing experience, regardless of the circumstances. It is particularly egregious if your job termination was illegal or occurred under unusual circumstances in which you were harassed, discriminated against, or penalized. Wrongful termination is a term used to describe a firing or layoff that occurs as the result of illegal conduct.

If you have been fired from your job in California without cause, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses. You have employment rights under California and federal law, which can be pursued through the courts. If you are in such a difficult position, you should contact an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer who will fight for your rights and help you seek fair compensation for your significant losses.

If you have lost your job due to unlawful termination or if you have been subjected to unfair or hostile treatment from your employer that culminated in your firing, you should contact an experienced California wrongful termination lawyer who can assist you enforce your legal rights as well as get the greatest compensation for your losses. We provide a no-hassle, no-obligation No Win No Fee Guarantee at Wrongful Termination California. This means we won’t charge you anything until we’ve been able to compensate you.


If you believe you have been wrongful terminated, you may consult with a skilled Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer about your case. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact Wrongful Termination California for a prompt answer.


How Do I File A wrongful Termination Claim In California?

  1. If you lose your job and believe you could have a wrongful termination lawsuit against your former employer, we urge that you take the following two actions immediately:
  2. Contact an experienced California wrongful termination lawyer to discuss creating an attorney-client relationship; and
  3. Gather and preserve all available evidence related to your case.

Maintaining a professional tone and following proper email etiquette are both essential to keeping your case moving forward. When attempting to gather evidence, you’ll need access to all of the written materials your employer has given you pertaining to your termination and job performance up until that point (for example, your termination letter and copies of any prior performance appraisals).

If you don’t have these papers yourself, you may need to request them from your employer. (If your employer does not comply with this correspondence, an attorney can assist you in making it more forceful.)

A California employment lawyer can assist you in gathering evidence for a case and determining which facts will be crucial as the case advances.

California is home to a large working population. State and federal employment laws may safeguard many of these individuals from being fired or compelled to leave under specific circumstances. A wrongful termination lawyer at our Los Angeles employment law firm is committed to assisting clients and organizations in obtaining favorable outcomes in their employment law cases, including those with allegations of wrongful termination.

Employees who have been dismissed unjustly may benefit from free legal counsel provided by a wrongful termination lawyer, such as the experienced attorneys at Wrongful Termination California. During a free consultation, our employment attorneys can assist you in determining whether legal action is the best approach to handle an unlawful termination based on current legislation and circumstances.

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Wrongful Termination California

We Help You Fight For Justice

If you're seeking legal counsel regarding your employment rights or have been wrongful terminated, get in touch with one of our attorneys in Los Angeles. We urge you to contact us by phone or fill out an online case review form right away to learn more about how our experience in the field of labor and employment law may benefit you. We can help you determine if a decision that appears to be based on race, sex, age, handicap, or other unlawful causes of wrongful termination was in fact made as a result of prejudice or other unlawful reasons for termination.

If you’d like to talk with us and ask questions specific to your case, call us at (888) 301-9971 for a free case evaluation.

Do I Have A Wrongful Termination Case If I Was Fired Without Notice?

There have been instances when I’ve spoken to an employee who was let go without warning. There was no notice given. They were simply asked to enter a room and then informed that they had been dismissed. Employees are considered to be at-will under California law, which means that they can be dismissed for any reason, as long as it isn’t illegal and there is no notice period required. However, while you as the worker may quit today and not show up the next day, an employer can do the same to you. They might let you go today with the hope that you will never return. There is no requirement for them to give you notice in California, with respect to the amount of notice they are required to give.

If they fire you, you are entitled to all of your earned money up until that point. If they let you go, make sure they have a check waiting with all of your wages, including that day’s pay. If they don’t do so, you may be entitled to Labor Code §203 penalties, which are waiting time penalties. It should also be mentioned that if you were fired out of the blue, you should consider why you were let go. If you informed them that you were going on medical leave or complained about conduct that you feel was unlawful or dangerous, and you believe there was a legitimate cause for your termination, speak with an attorney. Don’t be concerned if you believe the situation will come down to your word versus theirs.

Don’t let the fact that you were fired out of the blue, or that you were dismissed with notice and believe it was for an unlawful cause, keep you from speaking to a lawyer. If you have any questions about your recent firing, please contact Wrongful Termination California.

Can I Be Fired If I Have A Contract With My Employer?

While the majority of employees in California do not have contracts, certain individuals in California do. Some of these contracts are for a specific amount of time, such as a year or a single profession. The issue is whether they have the right to terminate the contract. It’s a fact-intensive problem of reading the contract and trying to figure out whether or not the employer could have you quit working, and if so, whether it has an impact on whether or not they are required to pay you for the remainder of the contract or for a specific length of time in the future. Sometimes, the contract contains just cause provisions that allow them to terminate you if they provide evidence of just cause. What’s apparent in California is that, whether you have an employment contract or are considered at-will, all workers—both contract employees and at-will employees—are protected by state law from wrongful termination, unlawful harassment, and discrimination.

It’s critical for you to know your rights if you have a contract or are an at-will employee. There is a time at the end of your employment when your supervisor or HR will ask you to sign another document called a separation agreement, in which they’ll give you money. It’s sometimes two weeks, it’s occasionally a month, and it’s frequently longer. Understand that if they’re doing this, it implies you must release your claims. You’ve probably heard that you can’t fire someone without cause. That’s not entirely true. If you sign the agreement and accept the money, you may be releasing the firm from any and all liabilities. Wage claims for them unlawfully paying you while you worked there are also possible, as well as wrongful termination. They want you to agree to your claims in order for you to be able to sue them again.

If you’re asked to sign an agreement after your employment is finished, it’s critical to know what rights you have and what rights you’ll be relinquishing. If you sign a contract at the start of your employment, be aware that this does not negate your legal options. I strongly advise you to consult with an attorney. Please feel free to contact Wrongful Termination California. We can discuss those issues if you give us a call.

How Can I Tell If A Termination Is Wrongful?

A protected activity is anything the law allows you to do, such as reporting your employer for fraud, embezzlement, illegal behavior, safety code infractions, and wage and hour issues. You also have the right to refuse to take part in illegal activities at work. If you are fired because of one of these reasons, you have been the victim of wrongful termination.

If you are fired because of one of the protected characteristics mentioned above, such as age, race, color, national origin, sex, disability, pregnancy, religion or veteran status (or for any other reason that is unlawful), it is considered wrongful termination.


We help you fight for Justice

It is difficult to lose a job for any reason, and if you are the victim of unlawful termination due to harassment, prejudice, or retaliation, it is wrong. If you have been terminated illegally, dismissed, or laid off, contact Wrongful Termination California. We can assist you in obtaining compensation for your losses.

If you’d like to talk with us and ask questions specific to your case, call us at (888) 997-2148 for a free case evaluation.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

I’m frequently approached by a potential client who says he or she was wrongfully terminated and wishes to sue their employer, or at the very least wants to know what their employment rights are. We hear the phrase “wrongful termination” all the time, whether we’re lawyers or not. For us as attorneys, it’s critical to take our time and attempt to determine if it was unjustified as well as unlawful. Is it a wrongful termination? In California, there are several statutes that safeguard workers. An employer may not retaliate against or discriminate against employees according to these statutes, so you should be aware of your legal rights.

You may need to determine whether something is simply wrong or unfair, or if it was unlawful. Although, as you sit here right now, you may believe that it was unlawful, it’s critical for you to get those inquiries answered since you might have rights that you previously didn’t know about. They very well could have broken the law.

It’s especially essential for you to have those issues addressed if we can assist you in addressing any of those concerns, whether or not you bring a lawsuit or if you file a claim for wrongful termination. Give us a call at the office and our wrongful termination California lawyer will walk you through the procedure if I can do any of that.

Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits If I Was Fired?

When an employee is dismissed, one of the first questions that arise is whether or not they qualify for unemployment compensation. In California, the requirement that you can apply for unemployment benefits is rather employer-friendly, and it focuses on whether or not you engaged in misconduct at work. The requirements for proving eligibility will be interpreted quite narrowly. You do not lose your right to unemployment compensation just because you were let go from your job.

If you’ve been fired, especially if you believe it was done in violation of your rights, you should still apply for unemployment. I would recommend that if you apply for unemployment, you consult with an attorney first. If you had previously, and the employer is requesting information about your termination to prepare for an interview, at the very least you may cite counsel’s guidance on what to emphasize or not the emphasize in your response. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something you should keep in mind. The fact that they inform you this is why you’re being let go isn’t necessarily the reason you believe it. Call us if you need help expressing to the unemployment board why you are entitled to unemployment compensation, especially if you’ve been dismissed for what you believe is an illegal cause.

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Wrongful Termination In Breach Of Contract

An employment contract is generally formal, although it may be inferred from emails or other interactions between the parties. Wrongful termination claims based on a written or implied contract are usually uncomplicated. The most frequent scenario is an employee entering into a contract with a business for a certain number of years, at which point the firm fires him or her before the term of the deal has run out.

An employer that is sued for breach of contract will frequently attempt to defend its decision to fire the employee before the term ended by claiming that it was correct. This employee defense might be overcome by demonstrating that the employer’s justification is a facade and that the employee adequately fulfilled his or her responsibilities under the contract. An employee’s wrongful termination claim may be bolstered by proof that the employer had another plausible reason for the firing, such as a lack of economic success or a corporate reorganization.

If the employee was fired for cause, but the employer never intended to keep him or her for the whole duration of the contract, other allegations of fraud could be made.

California Wrongful Termination Laws

The first thing to consider is whether your termination was legal or unlawful, especially if you have been dismissed from your job. In California, the majority of employment is “at will,” which means an employee may be terminated for any reason or no reason at all, as long as it is lawful. However, there are certain situations when the employment relationship is not at will.

You’re not an at-will employee if you have a written job contract that specifies the terms of your employment and the length of time you’ll be employed for. For example, you may have a job contract that states that you will work for a certain period of time. You may also have a written contract or other documents that guarantee your employment. If you have such contracts in place, you can most likely enforce them in court.

Another exception to the at-will rule is an implied contract, which is essentially a deal based on what your California employer said and did. However, upholding this sort of agreement may be difficult because proving wrongful termination is hard.

When it comes to determining whether an implied contract was formed, courts in California consider a number of criteria. The following factors are considered: the length of your employment; how frequently you have been promoted; good performance evaluations; assurances of future employment; whether your employer informed you of a termination or layoff notice; and whether you were given long-term or permanent employment when you were hired.

Get Help From Proven, Experienced Termination Lawyers

If you have been fired from your job illegally or if you have endured discriminatory or hostile behavior from your employer that resulted in your termination, you should contact a knowledgeable California wrongful termination lawyer as soon as possible to assist you to protect your legal rights and obtain the highest compensation for your losses. We provide a no-win-no-fee assurance at Wrongful Termination California so that you don’t have to pay us anything until we reimburse you for your loss.

For a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation, contact us today at (888) 301-9971.

Have You Been Fired For Unlawful Reasons In California?

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Act now for a free consultation from our top-rated legal  team to discuss any rights or compensation that you may be entitled.

We will fight to get the maximum compensation owed to you for being fired for unlawful reasons.

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